Marieluisa Lenglachner 

Marieluisa Lenglachner is an Austrian artist and visual researcher, born in Salzburg in 1990. She works in the fields of photography, painting and film. She lives in Munich, holds a degree in Anthropology, Art History and Media Communication and currently studies photodesign.


Being equally interested in marine biology and art, and having a genuine interest in foreign cultures and languages, Marieluisa decided to study Cultural Anthropology, Art History and Media and Communication Sciences at Ludwig- Maximilians-University in Munich.

She graduated in 2016 after a two year field research in Istanbul on femalehood and identity in contemporary art. Working with Turkish artists, Marieluisa began to realize that she would rather engage in producing art and visual images herself, than writing about it. In Turkey, she rediscovered her love for photography and started a project documenting the live and surroundings of an old turkish woman and her grandmother in Austria called “Anna and Ayşe“, which resulted in her first photobook. After working as a video-journalist within a scholarship program back in Munich, she now focuses on her photographic and artistic work entirely. 



Marieluisa's work is being shaped by two of her inner colorful worlds: the love for the living and nature at large her parents nurtured in her - both intrepid biologists -, and the thorough understanding of anthropological methods her training gave her.

Photography, painting, collage,and moving images: her body of work oscillates between a vivid documentary approach and fictional narratives. Marieluisa interweaves elements of her own memory with stories and symbols of the world surrounding her, and gently leads the eye to a heterogeneous, wild and poetic way of hidden storytelling.




Awards: 2018 Deutsch-Tschechischer Journalistenpreis “Kategorie Mulitmedia” for „Im Dazwischen Daheim“ 2018 BLM Fernsehpreis „Bester Nachwuchsbeitrag“ for“Im Dazwischen Daheim“ 2014 Flimmern & Rauschen 2014 I Sonderpreis Europa for short documentary „IstanCool“

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